Eight Types of Travel Which Will Start Your Addiction

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Travel Inspiration


If we weren’t curious we never would have explored. Travel is this generation’s drug of choice. We are thinking about it, planning it, Instagram-inspired (or jealous) by it, and experiencing it like never before. There is no doubting its addiction capabilities. Since my first dalliance with travel, it has become apparent to me that the travel drug not only awakens our wandering urge but opens up the imagination to dream bigger and to scout further.  I blame the below eight tripping experiences for starting and continuing to fuel my travel addition.

SA FlightFirst-Time-International Trip
No this isn’t the time when you were eight or twelve and your parents dragged you all over Europe to look at one too many castles. This is the first time you make a trip internationally as an adult, one you have planned and counted the pennies for yourself.

You won’t sleep on the long haul flight and your body clock will be out of sync, but you know what that is okay because you are in a new country and you are running off the best drug in the world – adrenaline.

ticket to the red centreI’m-Feeling-Patriotic Trip
We have all been part of that party conversation: the one where the international guest names all the places in your country they have visited yet you can’t even place them on a map.

Well it is time to stop being a passport snob and explore your own country. Nothing beats the feeling of staring that iconic landmark right in its face and thinking yeah my country is fucking ah-mazing!

IMG_8694The-Social-Media-Worthy Trip
If people unfriend you because of this trip you know money has been well spent – or possibly you are a twat who posts too many holiday snaps.

Either way, a trip which inspires you to search out WIFI to upload photos in real time is obviously travel you are pretty proud of.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

solo_travelThe-Solo Trip
There is going to be a moment in your 20’s when you want adventure time but there is no one to adventure time with. Fact. Of. Life.

Yes, you will be nervous. Yes, a male friend will buy you a rape whistle. Yes, you will make lots of new friends and none of them will want to murder you.

Solo travel is one of the few experiences which will really show you what you are made of. Push your boundaries, don’t overthink it and do phone home every couple of days.

A holiday isn’t cheap, so when you’re spending money to travel and work there needs to be an emotional pull. Going and volunteering anywhere just because you think it sounds impressive won’t leave you with any real satisfaction.

Do your research, know your interests and be prepared to get your hands dirty, literally. No seriously, if you are working with animals there will be poo involved.

If you choose your project wisely than there is no doubting you will be back for more. Helping out that is not the poo.

IMG_2127The-Romantic-Getaway Trip 
I’m going to put it out there: going away with your other half will either make or break the relationship. You’re either coming home more loved-up than ever, or someone is maxing out their credit card on the next flight out of that hell-day.

If all things go to plan you will get to explore a new destination with the added bonus of guaranteed sex once to three times a day. What is more addictive than that?

AirlieThe-I’m-So-Broke-I’m-Doing-It-Anyway Trip
Spending your government support money on a trip away instead of on rent isn’t irresponsible – it is genius. And by genius I mean YOLO.

Sometimes a small spontaneous trip away for the soul is just what the tax payers ordered.

However, do make sure you still have a place to live and food to eat on your return. No one likes to be hobo in their own town.

bridge_girls_jumping (1 of 1)The-Friends-Forever Trip
Travelling with friends is like living with friends: open door and open mind.

Be it shopping up a storm in NYC, road tripping up the coastline, or country hopping in Europe; whatever situations you find yourselves in be prepared for never before seen sides of each other and take everything with a good dose of humour.

If you are still wanting to wear matching BFF necklaces after surviving each other’s hangry, hungover and jetlagged states, than that my friend is a friendship worth every long haul cattle class flight.


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