Why Splendour Is So Splendid

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It was just a music festival after all. Well post #splendourinthegrass2014 Katie is currently shunning “it is just a music festival” Katie right now. Call me a late bloomer, but yes I finally agree, there really is something special about Splendour. So special in fact, that people were posting all over social media about how it was the best three days of their lives. And I’m writing this and I only went for one. Shit, if I had gone for the three days I probably would have moved to Byron!

Read on to see why you should already start saving for next year’s festival.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople just want to be your friend and say “I love you man”
It is a testament to the people attending Splendour that the vibe of this is so chilled and lovey. Music festivals are sometimes given a bad rep due to associations with heavy drug taking and fights breaking out, but if Splendour has done one thing for the festival circuit it has been to turn that reputation on its head.

Of course I’m not saying drugs are non-existent at Splendour – hey I probably could have gotten high by just standing down wind – but if people are taking them it is more of the ‘upper’ kind. This results in everyone apologizing for running into you, guys holding port-a-loo toilet doors open (a romantic gesture if there ever was one?) and a sight of beautiful hipness loving on each other.

The countless photo opportunities
Now a testament to the event organisers and creative minds behind Splendour. From the moment you started walking into the festival there was a photo op everywhere you turned.

A highlight was the large Hollywood-esque sign which welcomed you from the car park. Although for the Sunday day trippers they got welcomed with Plendour In The Ass (hehe, but naughty) thanks to some creative vandals.

The tipi forest surrounded by tipis was another frame worthy location, along with plenty of pop up artworks including oversized sunglasses and a giant love heart you could pose with. There was even a roaming picture frame so you could literally frame yourself within a frame anywhere in the grounds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is an act for everyone
I’ve already admitted in my About page I’m a huge pop girl, so attending Splendour did go against my go to radio station choice. Honestly, I don’t even know the station to tune into Triple J….awkward….

Despite only really knowing music from three of the artists on the day (one of which pulled out two days prior) I highly enjoyed being exposed to new bands. To no surprise, because it is a renowned music festival after all, every act was way above sub-par and unique in sound. I left wanting to legally download. Legally being the key word.

The Fashion
Splendour style is as unique as the festival itself with only one rule applying – gumboots are a must. Or a pair of boots you don’t mind getting trashed. Embracing your inner gypsy is almost expected, with kimonos and floppy hats equally on show. Denim cut offs and crop tops were a hit for the girls and for the guys everything from animal onesies to their own version of denim cut offs.

To be honest, if ever there was a time to walk around with something ridiculous on your head (tribal head wear to oversized floral head pieces) and wear whatever the fuck you want, Splendour is that time. I walked around the majority of the evening with feathers sticking out from more forehead and no-one blinked an eye.

Small tip: When looking for inspiration for 2015 checkout the #splendourstyle hashtag on Instagram.

Splendour In The Grass Festival is held annually in the North Byron Parklands, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Please visit the website for more information.



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