Three Favourite Cities
London, because it will always have my heart. Cape Town, because there is no where else like it. New York, because it really does never sleep.

Three Destinations On The Bucket List
Machu Picchu, to follow in the footsteps of the Incas. Vietnam, to kayake through Halong Bay. Egypt, to gaze upon the history of the pyramids.

Five Random Facts About The Author
Favourite Movie: Midnight in Paris. How could I not love a movie that combines my two favourite things: Paris and the twenties! Scariest Travel Experience: Sitting on a train in South Africa when a man who had been trying to talk to my friend and I pulled out a knife. Thankfully another man started yelling at him to put the knife away, but it ended with my friend and I having to get off the train to avoid going to the end of the line with him. Secret Celebrity Crush: Charlie Boorman. There really is something about a man who loves to be adventurous. Riding a motorcycle around the world helps to. Most Embarrassing Ipod Song: Where to begin! Haha! Unashamedly I’ll admit I’m a huge pop girl and 90’s music lover, and I think Hanson’s Mmmbop is on high rotation… Hidden Talent: I can act. I won awards to. Just saying 😛


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