Month: July 2014

11.05am – 6.47pm, Paris

HERE IS THE THING ABOUT PARIS. It ticks all the cultural boxes – and you don’t even have to set foot inside a museum for it to happen. Trust me when I say Paris will find a way to seduce you, even on a public […]

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Why Splendour Is So Splendid

BEFORE #SPLENDOURINTHEGRASS2014 I ADMITTEDLY COULDN’T UNDERSTAND THE HUGE HYPE. It was just a music festival after all. Well post #splendourinthegrass2014 Katie is currently shunning “it is just a music festival” Katie right now. Call me a late bloomer, but yes I finally agree, there really is something […]

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SO IT’S ALL UP TO ME? WOW, THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE!  Photograph: Taken in Queens Park on a sunny Friday afternoon, Brisbane Australia, by Erin MacDonald #scoutquotetuesday takes a small poke at those inspiring travel quotes which we may think are a little corny […]

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